Hey there Sister! 
It's time to become an
Empowered ASD Mom!
Improve your 
ASD Child's Behaviour
even if you've tried everything else!
How to improve your ASD child's behaviour - even if you've tried everything else!

I want to help YOU take back your power.

Join other Moms with the exact same challenges,
inside our Better Behaviour Bootcamp! 
Only 10 spots per group.

Here’s what I know to be true:
  • You don’t know where to start when it comes to dealing with difficult behaviour. You’re tired of power struggles with your ASD child. 
  • Your child struggles with anxiety and it affects everyone in the household.
  • You wish you knew how to set limits and you worry it will affect your relationship with your child… He has enough struggles and you feel bad for him. But those outbursts..!
  • While your child may have done therapy or social skills groups and you’ve tried everything you can think of, you're still struggling at home – and it's frustrating!
  • You know he's got potential… and you want the best future for him but you can’t see beyond the behaviour!
  • People on the "outside" don't get it.  You are tired of explaining things over and over to people who don't get what you live with every day. You feel really alone, isolated and unsupported much of the time. 
  • You worry about his future. How will he ever function in life? You tell yourself that things will improve as he gets older, but you know deep down that little problems will just become bigger.
  • Transition and changes in routine are hard. You dread things like end of school year or start of new school year. Not only for your child but yourself, knowing you'll need to re-explain things to a new teacher or advocate further for help. 

And as for you, well, you’re feeling defeated, stressed-out,
 dead tired and overwhelmed. 

I know all too well...been there, done that! Got the T-shirt.
Truth Bomb:
Parents of ASD Kids Need support!
I know… you're doing everything to get your child the help HE/SHE needs through various programs. That's AWESOME!  
But WHAT ABOUT YOU? Whose helping YOU to manage difficult behaviour at home or when you go out...?

The Problem:
Despite kids getting help, Moms are still struggling at home
and not getting the support they need to manage
the day to day difficult behaviours.
As a mom, you're still coping alone at home with...
  • Getting your child to listen and not "tune out"
  •  Tantrums (at the worst possible times!)
  •  Transition periods  
  •  Anxiety issues 
  •  Bedtime and morning routines
  •  Behaving inappropriately in public
  •  Difficulties at school 
  •  Communicating with your child
  •  Being on time
  •  Explaining over and over that your child is ASD to people                 who just don't get it.
  •  and many other frustrations!
Which results in...
  • Feeling disconnected from your child
  •  Not getting "me" time for yourself 
  •  Feeling deflated, lonely and helpless
  •  Feeling out of control and incompetent 
  • Letting everything else go by the wayside  
  • Allowing life to be dominated by your child’s behaviour and needs 
  •  Feeling terrified for what the future holds
  •  Fear of embarrassment and isolating ourselves at home

These circumstances are NOT your fault. You’re human. 

Many Programs don’t factor in what parents really need

  •  Parents aren't taught about their child's development delays which have been derailed by autism and how this impacts your ability to parent your child.
  •  Parents often don’t know what to do and have no strategies for home. You're dependent on the expert to fix your child's issues in a clinical setting but feel powerless dealing with daily upsets at home
  •  Parent's aren't taught how their child’s emotions affect behaviour and WHY they behave the way they do.
  •  Programs don't train parents how to build an emotional connection with your child and vice-versa.
  •  Parents aren't taught how to help their child become self-sufficient and feel accomplished.  
  •  Parents are not shown how to help their child to think for themselves or to problem solve on their own.
  •  Parent's aren't taught how to teach their child to become self-sufficient adults
  •  Parents are left to figure out things on their own - reading, researching and trying to just make sense of it all.  
  •  Parents are under stress 24/7 and expected to cope, without tools to keep stress at bay and little support at home. 
  • We've given up our power!
What you Really need as a mom is...
Guidance. Support. Understanding. Skills. Relief.

You want to feel like you're in control at home and that PROGRESS is happening.  You want to see the CHANGES and be able to CONNECT with your child.  You want HOPE for their future and to stop feeling consumed by daily anxieties for both you and your child. You want family and friends to GET IT so that you can get some help now and then.
You're at your wit's end.
Stress and worry are taking a toll on your mind and body, but your child comes first... right?  
As a woman, you know you’re smart, but right now you’re not feeling that way. 

If you're so smart, you wouldn’t have this problem, right? Still, you’ve done well in life – and generally speaking you make things happen. You try to stay SO organized. 

You run yourself ragged but deep down you feel like you need to stay busy and productive. Otherwise, you’d have to listen to the negative chatter and worry in your head. 

You couldn’t love your kids any more, but it’s humiliating to be in this predicament and you harbour a ton of guilt and shame. 

It’s lonely. 

Sure there are other Moms to talk to, but they either have “perfect typical children” and they just don’t get it, or they’ve got problems just like yours. Either way it leaves you feeling “less than.”

What’s wrong with this picture!! 

Why is nothing working? 

Why are you running from problem to problem, sick with worry and stressed to the max?? 

You’ve read everything out there, and you’re in every autism FB group. It’s great to support one another, but it can be overwhelming. Other moms feel exactly like you do. They're having problems too. They want solutions.

You have even looked into alternative medicine.

Sound familiar? 

I’m not psychic. I’ve been exactly where you are, Sister. You're NOT alone.

Another Truth Bomb:
Better Behaviour is 
Entirely POSSIBLE!
As a Mom, you don't have to leave it in someone else's court to deal with
your child's issues.  You have the POWER to make a difference 
right in the comforts of your home!

Imagine for a moment...
  • Bringing out positive behaviour without reward charts.
  • Side-stepping power struggles without giving in to your child!
  • Fewer and shorter meltdowns. 
  • Getting your child to do what you want without nagging!
  • Having more “me time.”
  • Sharing strategies that work, with your partner and family, that make life easier for you as a mom!
  • Understanding your child’s behaviour and knowing exactly what to do to help or prevent future episodes!
  • Getting your child to stretch his thinking and encouraging more of what you want to see! 
  • A calmer, happier household with a whole lot LESS stress.
  • Being able to go out to events and not break into a sweat over "what could happen" because YOU GOT THIS!
  • Having a MORE normal life - at least a whole lot more then you have now!
  • Having support that complements programs and therapies your child is receiving, so you gain some "mom skills" to WIN on the home-front!
There hasn't been a program just for moms, to help
you navigate being an ASD Mom and all it's challenges...
Until Now...

Better Behaviour Bootcamp!
This program that will equip you with what you’ve been missing, 
and it all starts with YOU! 
Let me help you take back your power.

Here’s why I’m excited for you:

  • You know in your gut that your child has huge untapped potential. (Don’t let anyone tell you this isn’t so.) 
  • You’re not a quitter and you’re not about to give up on your child! 
  • You’re sick and tired of feeling like you don’t cut it as a Mom, and you’re ready to learn and join a movement of Moms who are determined to take back their POWER.  

I can’t wait to share cutting-edge information and skills with you that I’ve been teaching my clients for over 12 years (and even families like “yours!”). 

You’re about to learn a new way to understand autism that is backed by mountains of research – the most recent information in the field of autism, child development, and brain research.

Inside Bootcamp you will learn...
  • A developmental view of ASD that will help you understand your child’s behaviour and give you hope for the future!
  • Understand how your child is wired differently and how their behaviour is anything BUT random.
  • Strategies to communicate more effectively with your child and reduce your need to nag!
  • Shift your child’s behaviour in ways that will help him/her to think and problem-solve rather than just “comply.”
  • Simple ways to reduce outbursts, meltdowns, and tantrums.
  • A scientifically-proven mind-body technique called EFT/tapping to reduce your worry and anxiety!
  • Learn self-awareness strategies to help you identify and shift negative behaviour patterns between you and your child.  Change how YOU show up … and then watch your child’s behaviour shift too.
  • ... and much much more!
Here's what recent Bootcamp moms have experienced...

Behaviour therapy didn't feel right for us...

My daughter-in-law and I both took Sue’s program. We were looking at behavioral therapy, but it just didn’t feel “right” to us. The Better Behaviour Bootcamp program is based on a developmental approach, which is so refreshing. We learned some excellent tools to engage my grand-daughter in new ways. We’re really encouraged, and it’s been an eye-opener for us to understand autism in a new way. Sue also provided some amazing resources that we’re using with great results. I would definitely recommend this program for ASD Moms and caregivers! 

Jacqueline Springer, Perrysburg, OH

A Real Eye Opener!

Sue’s program was a real eye-opener for me. I had no idea that I could learn to communicate in a way that could improve my relationship with my son, and reduce his stress! What I learned will take practice, but now I know how to talk to him without making so many demands. It feels good.

Valerie Burns-Gonzales, Newcastle, ON

It’s so simple, but it really works!

I learned a really cool communication strategy in Sue’s Better Behaviour Bootcamp. It’s so simple, but it really works! Up until Sue’s program I relied on nagging to get my kids to do things. Now I have a better way that I never would have come up with on my own… and it’s just as effective with my neurotypical son! Thanks Sue!
Jen E Clapp, Courtice, ON

In Episode 8 of my Weekly Facebook Live Show, 
I cover everything you need to know about
"behaviour vs. development"...
The truth is, no matter how smart you are, you just can’t parent 
an ASD child the way you parent a "typical" child. 

But you probably already know that. That’s why you’re so frustrated, sad and stressed. And that’s where I come in.

I am on a mission to give you back your power and competence
I’m going to teach you what no one else has taught you… What you DESERVE to know! You love your child more than anyone… and he or she will be in your life as long as you’re around. 

If you don't make changes…. Nothing will change! Months from now you’ll be in the same frustrated place. 

Become part of a movement of Moms that are ready to turn their environments from sour Lemons into sweet Lemonade!  

Join us!  
Next Classes begin October 16th 2018 
Only 10 Spots Available per class!

Tues, October 16th to December 4th @ 1pm
Moms with ASD Child 

Tues, October 16th to December 4th @ 7pm
Moms with ASD Child

*Note: We also have a Bootcamp Lite Home Study option if you can't do a live class option. (see link below)

Each week you’ll gain new insights and “aha's” that will move you forward in addressing your behavioural challenges at home. 

  • 8 LIVE online classes - Interactive weekly presentations for 1 hour using Zoom videoconferencing platform. 
  • Download Recordings - Share with family and caregivers and build your support network!
  • Simple Weekly Assignments - Worksheets for each module including reflection questions and action steps to implement your learning each week.
  • Great Resources - Deepen your learning with relevant articles related to each week's topic
  • Private Facebook Group Access -  Access to Private Student FB Group to connect, learn from others and get peer support. Gain direct access to Sue between presentation to motivate, support and answer your questions.
  • Slide-deck - Download all the slides from each video module with room to add your notes and jog your memory.
  • Archived Video Resources for additional learning.
  • Nurture yourself and build your stamina by developing a manageable self-care routine; be held accountable!
  • Accountability Partners - Enjoy building friendships with other Moms in the group; you are NOT alone! Stay on task towards your specific goal set in your 1:1.
  • Plus ACCESS to ASD Mom's Bootcamp Facebook Community once completed the 8 weeks online for ongoing help with applying what you learn and peer support!
 ($1997 USD Value)
What’s your investment for this program?
 $597 USD 
Pay in Full or 3-pay payment plan options are available to you.
Book Your Call With Sue Now!
Need another option? 
Check out Bootcamp Lite, the light version, "self-paced", home study version 
of our popular LIVE program with access to videos, slides, and resources with a "lighter" investment.
If you decide later to join us in the 8 Week Live program, I'll credit your home-study registration fee towards the LIVE option. 

Got Questions. Scroll down to Contact me personally for a chat session to answer your questions!

Government funding may be available to you. 
If you'd like to discuss payment options, apply and discuss
options during your chat with Sue.
So, who am I, and what qualifies me to offer this program?
Hi, my name is Sue Simmons!

First of all, I’ve been exactly where you are… 

Feeling alone, frustrated and hopeless. My son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2001. I literally spent years walking on eggshells, and letting him run the show … I just didn’t know any other way. It tore me to pieces, and left me – a smart and dedicated Mom -- feeling like I was a failure. And trust me, I came dangerously close to crashing. 

I was fortunate to find a parent-based program that gave ME the skills to turn things around. My son was happier when I learned to set clear limits. He COULD learn to think and problem solve, and become more resilient! I went on to become a certified Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) Consultant to teach these skills (and much, much more) to struggling families. 

I became a Certified Professional Coach, and then a Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) practitioner, so I could reduce my own stress, and my clients’. (Tapping is like emotional acupuncture without the needles! When we tap on specific points on our face and upper body, and talk about what’s stressing us, it sends a calming signal to the “fight or flight” part of your brain.) My training is leading edge, and all about empowering parents.
Sue Simmons, BPHE
Certified RDI® Consultant, 
Certified Professional Coach, 
Certified EFT (tapping) Practitioner. 
Bonus Time!
To make sure you get everything you need to be a success I am also offering three amazing Bonuses!
Bonus #1: A 60-minute coaching call with me to dig deeper into your biggest challenges 1:1 
($250 value)
Bonus #2: Self-awareness is a significant predictor of success as a parent. You’ll have free access to an online personal style and value assessment which will be analyzed by me. 

During the program and our 1:1 coaching session I’ll give you critical insight into your personal “style” and how to use your strengths to your benefit with your child. This information will be invaluable in all aspects of your life… relationships, family and work! 
($499 value)
Bonus #3: Seven tap-along videos to reduce your stress and bring peace into your life; roughly 7 minutes in length. Tap along with me to reduce your overwhelm, frustration and worry about your child. As you work through my program, these scripts will support your learning and calm your nerves. 
($399 Value)
That's an Additional Value of $1148 USD in Bonuses!!
Plus get a Limited Time Bonus
4 monthly Bonus Calls with Sue
when you register before October 3, 2018!
Here’s What Past Bootcamp Clients shared about Bootcamp...

Sue's Better Behaviour Bootcamp was eye opening and life changing!

"Before meeting Sue, I felt helpless and overwhelmed as a mother to my son with ASD. Participating in Sue's Better Behaviour Bootcamp taught me how to take back control of my life and provided me the tools for a happier, healthier family life. My son has participated in a number ABA based programs that were of no help to us as parents. Sue's focus on development rather than behavior has truly been eye opening and life changing. In the couple months that I've worked with Sue, our family is less stressed, more connected and problematic behavior has decreased. I also enjoyed the way the Better Behavior Bootcamp is run because it gave me the opportunity to connect with other ASD moms and to share our experiences. Thank you Sue for all your help and support!"

Marlene, Ajax, ON

Sue's program helped me to show up effectively for my son.

“In the 6 years since my son was diagnosed with autism, he has had every kind of therapy and support available. Yet in all this time I still found myself unsure of how to manage his behaviours without resorting to consequences and reward charts. These methods often failed, leaving me frustrated and lacking confidence as a Mom. This program shifted my focus from behaviour to development, and gave me back my power! In a few weeks, I learned how to stop playing “drill sergeant” and to communicate with my son so that he could really listen. I grasped the stages of anxiety, the difference between a meltdown and a tantrum, and how to respond accordingly. I discovered my own stress triggers, and how my own reactions influence my son’s behaviour. Reframing my thoughts and practising daily self-care effect how I show up and interact with my son. I discovered how to set effective limits and how to praise effectively. All of these seemingly small changes added up to a huge difference: not only did my 9 year old start listening more often, I felt closer and more connected to him than I have in a long time!
Recognizing that no two families are the same, Sue took the time to get to know us in order to provide personalized feedback for specific challenges affecting our families. I would highly recommend her program to a parent raising a child with ASD—or any parent for that matter!”

~ Julie, Toronto, ON

Sue allowed me to find my power!

“Through Sue’s Better Behaviour Bootcamp I began to see that I have the power to make positive change in my son’s life, and in our relationship. I learned strategies that enable me to prevent meltdowns, and to communicate in a way that allows him to “hear me” and feel more competent himself. I have benefited tremendously from learning EFT (tapping), and have used it on my own with great results. I would highly recommend Sue’s program to other ASD Moms!”

~ Samantha, Aurora, ON

The Better Behaviour Bootcamp changed our lives...

"As a single parent, I was at my lowest when I joined the Better Behaviour Bootcamp. I felt lost, out of control, and like I couldn't do any more to help my son (who was diagnosed last year at the age of 11). Then an angel appeared in a support group I’m a part of. I contacted her and from that point on...the clouds cleared and so did my mushy brain. I got my power back! I really looked forward to our weekly video-conference classes! Sue is an amazing teacher who has been there, and completely understood how I felt. She is personable, relatable and always takes time for support. Guidance is her super power! 

I highly recommend this program. If you put the content into action, you will see the changes very quickly! THANK YOU SO MUCH SUE FOR CHANGING OUR LIVES!!! 

P.S. My dream is for the Better Behaviour Bootcamp to be available to all schools. Educating staff, students and parents about autism from a developmental (versus a behavioural) perspective would be amazing. Our children would be much better supported and understood.

~ Becky, Ottawa, ON

Sue gave us the tools to reduce behaviour challenges...

"Working with Sue on our son’s behaviour was an eye opener. I didn’t realize how much I tip-toed around him! It’s so easy to let our kids off the hook because of their challenges; but it definitely sends them the wrong message in the long run. Our son was actually happier when we learned to set limits, and with consistency we were able to make some amazing changes. 

We were able to reduce his use of electronics without meltdowns, and he felt good about what HE was capable of doing (without a reward). We learned to praise him so he really understood what he was doing well! We got him involved in things at home, and (with practice) I was able to reduce the amount of language I was using, so he could “hear what I was saying,” It was so nice to be able to do things with him without nagging all the time. Sue is very knowledgeable, and equally as dedicated. I would highly recommend working with her."

We Will Begin on October 16th!
Join me! Take back your power, feel competent as a parent and cultivate a more positive and loving relationship with your ASD child!

  • Your program is eight weeks in length; each week you'll learn new cutting edge information and strategies, and be given specific instructions to practice what you've learned.
  • Weekly assignments and reading will deepen your learning
  • You'll be coached and supported all the way by Sue
  • Connect each day with fellow Moms; have fun and learn in a supportive and caring environment!

Note: Sessions will be recorded if you are unable to make the live session
Here’s What You Need to Do...
Click on the button below to register for bootcamp. 
Once Payment is complete, you will be directed back to schedule a 1:1 appointment with me 
and then complete an intake form so we can tailor solutions just for you through the program!
You pay only $597 USD - payment plan available
 (Program and Bonuses - Value of $3145 USD)
Book Your Call with Sue Now!
Money Back Guarantee!
I’m absolutely certain that this program will help you create better behaviour at home. If you complete the program and do the assignments, and don’t feel that these skills have helped you, I’ll refund your money!

This is 100% Risk Free. The key to better behaviour is in YOUR hands. 

P.S. If you’re tired of feeling unsuccessful with your OWN child, it’s time to take action. If you’re ready to make the summer of 2018 the time you take back your power as a Mom, and turn your Lemons to Lemonade, click the link below to arrange a time to talk to me! You’ve got nothing to lose, and SO much to gain.

It’s time to learn what every Mom needs and deserves to know! 

Let’s do this together!

You may be thinking “this won’t work for me and my child.” 
If you’re ready to acknowledge that what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked, and are prepared to look at autism through a lens that can put you back in the driver’s seat like it has for me and my clients, let’s DO this! 
Are you thinking you don’t have the time for this? Will this take effort on my part? 
Yes, it will in the beginning. But look into the future, and imagine the time, energy and worry you’ll save yourself down the road. Imagine what it will feel like knowing that you’ve taken back your power as a parent and done this for you and your family! 
You may be at your wit’s end.
You’ll have me supporting and guiding you all the way. Over the years I’ve supported families of all kinds, and you have my promise that if you follow my lead and do the work, you’ll see some dramatic improvements!
Your child has potential that only YOU can tap into.
I’ll make sure that you pace yourself and learn by building these skills into your day-to-day interactions with your child. You’ll have my support all the way. 

Make the decision to change your future today.
Let's Get You Back In Control
 $597 USD - payment plan available
Need another option with a "lighter" investment.

Got Questions? Not sure if this is right for you?
Got Questions? Not sure if this is right for you? Let's connect personally to chat so I can answer your questions.
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